You are currently viewing 420 20% off sale and new product launch!

420 20% off sale and new product launch!

420 20% off sale and new product launch!

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you will know that today (April 20th), is very special day!

It marks the 420 holiday! A day to celebrate the cannabis plant…

To help you celebrate that little bit extra, until midnight on Monday (23rd) we have 20% off our ENTIRE store!

Use code 420 at the checkout to save big!

We are also launching a few new products today, so great news for you if you want to try them, you can at 20% less than RRP!

10% IsoAdd Vape Additive – 1000mg CBD

Our new highly concentrated CBD Vape Additive is perfect for those who want to add CBD to their own eliquid.

We recommend add 1 part IsoAdd to 4 parts eliquid for an excellent vape experience but you can very this to suit your needs!

IsoAdd is made with CBD isolate therefore they isn’t any terpenes which might mask the flavour of your eliquids. This products is a must for all vapers who are fans of CBD.

CBDLife Concentrate Atomiser

For all those looking to get into vapouring concentrates (dabbing) and already own their own vape device or battery then this is the perfect atomiser for you. The kit comprising of everything that you will need to get started vaping/dabbing our dab extracts.

Simply screw on the concrentrate atomiser to your battery, remove the cover to show the coil underneath then pack it with a small amount of your favourite dab extract. Then place the cover over and hold the power button on your battery to head the coil up. This will then atomise the dab extract so you can inhale the vapour.

For more info see link above!

Happy holiday and happy shopping!

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CBD Life UK Safe

Finally this is our brand new CBD carry case to keep all your beloved items safe! Have all your go-to products in one place.

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