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5 Things You NEED To Know About CBDLife

Regularly our blogs feature information about new products or updates to our site but we know it would be nice for you to find out a little more about CBDLife as a company. This blog will talk you through 5 things you NEED to know about CBDLife:

1. We are a family founded business

After hugely positive experiences using CBD, the Dusher family knew that they could make a huge difference in a relatively new industry. Their goal? Raising awareness of CBD while providing consistent quality products at a fair price after it became apparent that product quality was inconsistent. The values CBDLife were built upon in 2015 still remain an integeral role of the business today. Having started as a small business from the North East, CBDLife have grown from strength to strength, now receiving orders from around the world daily.

2. Founding Member of the Cannabis Trade Association

 We are proud to be a founding member of the Cannabis Trade Association,with our Managing Director Simon, sitting on the board of directors. Since its inception in 2017, the CTA have aimed “To be recognised and acknowledged by the trade, the public and Government as the only association in the sector with the expertise and knowledge to ensure the safety of each and every Member product”. As founding members, we have watched the UK CBD industry develop and have been at the forefront of cruitial decisions. 

We are also a Hempressa recommended online CBD shop.

3. We manufacture our products in house

We are one of only a handful of CBD that can proudly state we manufacture products in house. To make sure we can supply the highest quality products to our customers, we have some of the best equipment around, all inside our top of the range ISO9001 accredited lab.

Manufacturing in house also means our product knowledge is elite, with every step, post extraction, being conducted by our highly skilled lab technicians- we can talk you through the whole process from extract to product.

4. Full, Broad & Isolate products available
Unfortunately for CBD users, many CBD companies are now looking for the cheaper alternatives when it comes to producing their products. This is resulting in products being topped up with isolate in order to cut costs. Our mission to provide consistant quality products means this is something we simply would not do. However, we do understand that different customers like different extracts so we have made sure we have something for everyone, whether that be a full spectrum product, broad spectrum product or isolate based product. If you need more information about the differences, please contact us.

5. We offer a White Label Service
Have you been thinking about starting your own CBD brand but struggling to find a reputable manufacturer? Then why not get in touch with our White Label department- we may be the answer!
Whether it be a product you already have a formulation for or something completely new and custom to your brand, the team will be able to help you every step of the way. If you would like more infomration about our white label service, please fill in our White Label Contact Form.

If you would like any more information on any of our products, please get in contact with us via email, telephone 0800 010 6871, our contact form or via one of our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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