Since he was a kid, the dream was always to become a professional and sucessful athlete…little did he know just how successful he would be.

Adam Proctor wasn’t even sure which sport was for him, but after stumbling upon a Mixed Martial Arts movie, he knew then he had found his calling.

Aged 15, Adam had his first amateur fight and since then, being a champion and being the best at what he does has been his focus. He said: “Since the night I won my first fight, I can honestly say I have never looked back. I’ve been in the gym consistently since then and I’m chasing the dream on a daily basis.”

Adam first heard about CBD Life UK from his team mates who regularly post about it online. He said: “They noticed that from using your products they had seen a big difference, both physically and mentally with their recovery. I knew then I wanted to give CBD a go”

“I feel like the CBD Life UK products have helped me to recover faster and feel a little bit healthier. With MMA often being an impact heavy sport, the oil has helped to reduce the aches in my joints and muscles and eased everything off making training that little bit easier.”

Proctor, 22, describes the best feeling in the world as the sense of achievement and pride from winning a fight. He said: “Knowing you’ve dedicated yourself to this goal and you’ve made all of the sacrifices for this moment is a very special feeling when everything pays off and you get the result you’d imagined yourself getting so many times in your head.”

Fighting out of SBG in South Shields, Adam now has a record of 8 wins to 1 loss. Now that he is fighting professionally on one of the biggest in Europe, his amateur days seem like a lifetime ago.

Adam’s last fight was at BAMMA 33 at the Metro Radio Arena on December 15th which he won in the first round. He said: “I believe that fight was a great platform for me to be able to show case my skills and just how much I improve between every fight. The stage is a great place for me to show that I belong in there with the best welterweights in Europe.”