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How can I consume CBD without using the oil?

How can I consume CBD without having to use the oil?

When it comes to taking CBD, there are many ways of getting the goodness into your bloodstream and all of the different means of consumption, make CBD a very versatile product.

People choose to take CBD for many different reasons. No matter what you take CBD for, it’s important to get as much from every dose as you can.

It’s important to remember too, that if you want to use CBD products, you don’t have to worry that you will be high. I repeat, you will NOT get ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ using our products here at CBD Life UK and it is completely legal.

Many people who want to use our products would prefer not to taste the hemp oil. Hemp is known to have quite an ‘earthy’ or ‘grass’ like flavour which can be an acquired taste. The taste of the oil is due to it being so natural and non-toxic. However, if you are one of these people we have alternative options for you…


With regards to easiness, simplicity, and comfort, the capsules are probably the easiest way to take CBD other than the oil.

While oral consumption is less effective than other methods, it has been shown to have longer lasting effects. It is a comfortable and easy way to take CBD and is good when you only need a small concentration of the product over a longer period. It is also an easy method of taking CBD because cannabinoids can be incorporated into many food products or can ingested easily via capsules or oils.

Most people should be having 1-2 capsules a day for the CBD to get into their systems. You are ok to take them on an empty stomach although we do say try with food to start off. No need to slow down your active lifestyle; simply add CBD capsules to your daily vitamin routine.

Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD which is a very good dose for most users. We recommend taking 1 capsule with food 1-3 times a day.


Vaping is also an excellent way to take CBD because it is the fastest known way to get CBD into your system- entering your bloodstream directly through the lungs. Vaping is also relaxing due to the deep inhales and exhales.

When you are vaping CBD, it gets into your lungs and diffuse in the bloodstream bypassing the stomach and liver allowing four times as much of the product to affect you. This means you only need a smaller amount of CBD. Use our vape pens as and when needed.


Our full extract paste is taken ‘sublingually’. If you are not familiar with the term ‘sublingual’ it basically means ‘absorption under the tongue’. Not absorbed in the stomach or intestines like food is. As the sublingual method is a direct transfer to the blood, it avoids issues to do with intestine barriers. This route also bypasses ‘first pass metabolism’ and the number of capillaries under the tongue allow the CBD to go straight into the blood. Simply put a grain of rice size amount of paste on your finer and rub under your tongue. Hold for 1-2 mins then swallow. Do this twice a day.

Topical balm

Here at CBD Life UK, we supply a rich balm that creates a barrier to help skin feel protected and relieved.

Expertly formulated and hard-working, our balm contains Hemp Extract, Coconut Oil, Shea butter, Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Bees wax, Vitamin E and Lavender Essential Oil.

Safe, natural, and non-toxic it is a perfect recipe that’s ready to be applied, because after all, our skin is our largest working organ.

Simply massage the product into specific areas and repeat throughout the day when needed!


CBD can also be ingested in the form of a gummy bear. These are perfect for all the family and definitely should be up there with your family’s vitamins of choice. These sweets enriched with CBD are great for adults, children, and the elderly alike.

10mg of CBD per gummie so we say 1-2 gummies a day should do the trick.


Dabbing is associated with the vaporization of cannabis concentrates (in our case, CBD). It comes in a wax or hard form and once applied to a hot surface like our dab pen, it can be inhaled.

As a means of smoking, dabbing is said to be a smooth draw that lets people suck in vast quantities of CBD at one time. It’s basically smoking in short, strong bursts of a smaller yet more concentrated form of CBD.

In short, dabbing gives you better absorption and quicker effects without the health risks associated with smoking any form of plant material.

Our dab pen kit comes with everything you need to start dabbing our concentrates on the go, perfect for beginners to experienced users alike.


The best way of taking CBD is intravenously (through the veins) as the bioavailability is 100% as the product gets through absolutely everything internally to work at its best. Currently however, CBD is not available to take via this method.


Many people choose either CBD oil or capsules for ease of use, but there’s one way of taking CBD oil that is often overlooked – as a suppository. When taking rectally, CBD is highly absorbent and very effectively distributed around the body.

The best methods will depend on the person but always remember to start with the recommended serving size, then increase from there. And, as always, the CBD content that gets into your body depends on the quality of your oil.

Generally, we see customers use an average of 10-20mg of CBD per day. Please do not go over the 200mg food supplement daily limit

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