Cannabis could soon become legal for medicinal use in Ireland after the government passed a bill:

  • The bill was put forward by the People Before Profit Alliance in Ireland
  • But the Irish government made it clear it would not block the proposal
  • Health Minister Simon Harris will seek to make changes to the bill following scientific studies of the drug’s health benefits

Ireland has moved closer to legalising cannabis for medicinal use after the government passed a bill about its usage.

Marijuana-based products will become regulated if new plans go ahead following a debate in parliament.

The move would see Ireland join countries like Italy, the Czech Republic and Australia, which have all relaxed their laws on medical grounds.

‘I share the concerns of patients who believe that cannabis should be a treatment option for certain medical conditions and I recognise the urgency and worry they feel.’

TD Gino Kelly, who put the bill forward on behalf of the PBPA, told the national broadcaster he hoped the medical profession would soon support the drug’s use.

This comes two months after UK health officials admitted that cannabis-based ingredients do have a medicinal effect.