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Cannabis Liberation Day

Cannabis Liberation Day

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you will know that June 17th is very special day!

It marks Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam. A day to celebrate the cannabis plant…

Since 1999, in the first week of May protests and festivals are organised worldwide in support of legalizing cannabis, under the name Global Marijuana March. Because there were none of these activities in Holland, in 2009 Foundation VOC Nederland decided to organise Cannabis Liberation Day.

Since 2014, Cannabis Liberation Day takes place in the Flevopark…

This June will mark the 10th edition of celebrating cannabis and all it has to offer in Amsterdam. The cannabis plant is a unique plant that has been recognized for so many years..

Everything that the green herb has to offer will be revelled in from the widespread use of hemp as durable sources, to the de-criminalizing of the plant!

This is always an incredibly peaceful and enjoyable event with great music and a relaxed vibe and atmosphere. Enthusiasts are there to simply celebrate Dutch cannabis culture and a legalisation of the plant.

So, what can you expect on the day?

The day will be filled with local and international bands on the main stage! In addition to this you can expect Reggae and Dub bands as well as various influential speakers who will address the topic of cannabis and (soft) drug use.

More than 50 performers, speakers and organisations will be there on the day presenting themselves. It’s lined up to be a great one!

This is a great opportunity for lovers of cannabis to get together and meet. It’s a statement but it is also fun meeting others, sharing knowledge, and enjoying weed.

For more info visit the official website for the day here

Always remember: Coffeeshops can sell a maximum of five grams per person, and their stock can’t be bigger than 500 grams. They can’t sell to minors or be located near a school, and advertising is forbidden.

An adult can have up to 5 grams on them, and growing cannabis is allowed for up to five plants for personal use.

The policy was initiated in 1976 as a first step to full regulation, but there haven’t been new developments to this cause since.

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