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CBD and CBDa – Understanding the difference

Heard about CBD, but also heard about CBDa? Confused?

Yes, we can imagine.

Both CBD and CBDa are unique compounds that are formed with cannabis. Because there has been so much research done on CBD and not so much on CBDa-in effect, CBDa has fallen to the wayside. This has left many people wondering the difference between the two.

To get your head around the difference, first it is best to understand what these are in relation to one another.

CBDa is the acidic ancestor to CBD. When cannabis initially grows it produces CBDa and THCa, NOT THC and CBD as you know it.

In their acidic forms they are seen as inactive, BUT, when cannabis is heated through smoking, cooking or vaporization-a process that is known as decarboxylation occurs (decarbing) turning it into CBD.

CBDa or “cannabidoilic acid” as it’s also known is a chemical compound found in the resign glands of raw cannabis plants. It’s raw and it’s unheated.

This decarbing process is what turns THCa and CBDa into just THC and CBD. At the same time however, remember both CBDa and CBD will not get you stoned or high that’s down to THC.

Compared to CBD, there has been very little research done on CBDa. Because of this, CBD tends to be the compound that everyone goes for and is more widely known due to it being active. There is still currently only a little research into the properties of CBDa compared to CBD, but what research has been done has found potentially beneficial properties in CBDa.

In fresh cannabis, it is estimated that 95 percent of the cannabinoid exists as THCa and only 5 percent as CBDa. However, CBD is the most widely known molecule. When CBDa (CBD’s ancestor) aged and heated, it breaks down from its acid form and into CBD.

Now more than ever you can see CBD hitting news headlines worldwide as it continues to grow in popularity, while there is still not a lot known about CBDa.

You can be assured that here at CBD Life UK our products are 50/50 CBD and CBDa

To conclude, both CBD and CBDa have very similar properties (one is the precursor to the other), but as things stand, CBD is the molecule of choice – and the research reflects that.

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