Terpene Infused CBD Wax/Crumble 85%


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Terpene Infused CBD Wax/Crumble 85%+

85%+ CBD

Broad spectrum CBD wax/crumble Rich in terpenes Choose from 500mg and 1g pots.

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Terpene Infused CBD Wax/Crumble 85%

85% CBD 5% Terpenes

Terpene Infused Broad Spectrum (THC Free) CBD wax/crumble Rich in natural hemp terpenes infused in strain-specific terpene profiles to enhance flavour and effect. This extract is perfect for dabbing/vaporising with an amazing flavour profile. Stored in a glass container with a screwed plastic cap for easy use.

Vaporizing cannabis concentrates, a process known as dabbing, has been really booming lately and it’s an extremely effective delivery system to administer CBD.

In short, dabbing gives you better absorption and quicker effects without the health risks associated with smoking any form of plant material.

It can be defined as the method of taking CBD associated with the flash vaporization of cannabis after it has been applied to a hot surface and then inhaled.

As a means of smoking, dabbing is said to be a smooth draw that lets people suck in vast quantities of CBD at one time. It’s basically smoking in short, strong bursts of a smaller yet more concentrated form of CBD.

CBD Wax/Crumble has many uses like:

  • Vaporising
  • Dabbing
  • DIY E-Liquid
  • Adding to a carrier oil for oral and topical use
  • Making your own edibles.

We recommend that our CBD wax/crumble products are vapourised for the maximum effects. If you do not have an appropriate concentrate vaporiser making your own DIY eliquids in a great alternative.

How to use


500mg, 1000mg


Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Gorilla Glue #4, Grand Daddy Purple, Green Crack, Headband, Strawnana

3 reviews for Terpene Infused CBD Wax/Crumble 85%

  1. Matthew Ellen (verified owner)

    Lovely to dab nice consistency. I use dab pen for be the wax or I dab in a special dabbing rig to get hit straight off in 1 big puff rather than the dab pen constantly puffing which don’t get me wrong the pens are excellent. The flavor of these along with the terps are a nice touch. CBD LIFEUK my go to guys. 5*each and every time.reputable sensible retailers. Come on people let’s get this movement started

  2. Faith M

    I personally prefer the Terpene infused wax/crumble to the normal as I absolutely love the taste of the Strawnana. Such a rich, premium terpene taste, it is a delight to use in my dab pen!

    I usually have a use this product post evening gym workout.

  3. Daniel McRae

    When I take CBD, this is the product I will use. I enjoy the different terpene infused tastes. To be honest, I like everything about this product, even down to the way it is packaged.

    I always use the Power Dab Kit with the water cooler pipe to consume this product. Really like the difference the cooler makes to the dab.

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