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Celebrate National CBD Day With Exclusive CBDLife Sale!

With today being National CBD Day, we have decided to launch an 24 hour sale, exclusive to our mailing list. Many people consume CBD on a regular basis but do not know any history on the valued compound. This blog will take a look back at the history of CBD and let you know how to sign up to our mailing list if you aren’t already!

One of the most popular compounds found in the hemp plant is Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more commonly known. Hemp has a long and illustrious history with mankind, used to make clothes, rope, paper and more. Since CBD’s popularity first started back in 2015, the CBD market has grown year on year and the UK market is estimated to be worth approximately £300 million!

Although CBD has only been a household product for a handful of years in the UK, it was first discovered way back in 1940 by American, Dr Roger Adams, who was the first man to successfully extract CBD form the hemp plant. Then in the 1960’s, the first CBD oil was released by British Pharmacopoeia.

Fast forward almost 50 years and you will now find thousands of CBD companies selling hundreds of different products but with one of the widest CBD ranges around, CBDLife have something for everyone!

Whether it be an oil, vape, dab, topical or edible- you’ll find something we are sure you’ll love! Have some questions about our products? Not a problem, call us on 0800 0106871 or email and one of our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help (Phoneline and emails manned Monday-Friday).  

So are you looking for a way to celebrate National CBD Day? Why not treat yourself or a loved one to your favourite CBDLife products. We are doing our bit too! To mark the annual event, we are having a 24 hour sale!

However, the sale is exclusive to members of our mailing list, To make sure you don’t miss out, all you need to do is make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list before midday on Saturday 08/08/2020.

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