How many people can say they got to live out their childhood dream?

Darren Wardle can. A down to earth family man and father-of-two who fell into MMA almost by accident and came out a professional fighter.

It was while working in a factory over 10 years ago that Darren overheard a colleague talking about a local Jiu-Jitsu class, he tagged along, and the rest is history.

He said: “I started training and fell in love with the sport and instantly knew I wanted to compete. A few injuries and family commitments have slowed me down over the years, but I’ve always tried to still be active and train whenever I can.”

Darren, who joined the army at 16, grew up watching his heroes Bruce Lee and Van Damme-always dreaming to one day, follow in their footsteps. He said: “I remember the first time I walked into the cage and heard my name being called. All of my friends and family were screaming. I won in 39 seconds, it was the best feeling ever.”

Family is everything to Darren and he says it’s so important to get the balance right between his family and training because when that’s right-he feels like he can do anything. He said: “I train hard but have the best lifestyle ever. I have everything I need. I love camping, travelling and really feel so fortunate to have the life I have.”

Darren first heard about CBD from fellow athlete and UFC fighter James Mulheron, another one of our Sponsored Athletes here at CBD Life UK. He said: “I was complaining to my friend James about pains in my shoulders while in training one day and he said try this-it was CBD”

“I didn’t think about my shoulder again until I realised I’d actually forgotten about the pain because it wasn’t hurting anymore. I’ve used CBD since then religiously so for that I’d like to thank all of the guys at CBD Life UK.”

With an impressive record of 11-4-0, Darren’s goals this year are to train hard and to carry on competing. Best of luck from us!