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Can CBD help with pain? – And why to be sceptical of companies who claim their CBD does

A quick google search and thousands of UK based CBD companies will have blogs discussing why their CBD products are best for pain management, why you should use their CBD products for sleep;  But the big question is, does CBD help with pain?

We often get asked why none of our customer reviews on site discuss the reasons behind why our customers are using the products or include any claims as to what the product has helped with. The simple answer to this is that under current UK law, CBD companies CAN NOT make any medical or beneficial claims about their products; and they cant be present anywhere on the site.

Many oral CBD products fall under the food supplement umbrella, meaning no claims can be made on them, companies can’t discuss whether CBD is good for pain, if CBD can help with aches. If a company implies their product can be used to cure, heal, prevent or fight against illness or diseases, they are not compliant.

You might be asking yourself, ‘If companies know its non-compliant, why do companies make claims?’

Some companies see it as a cheap marketing tactic. Make a tonne of claims about your product in order to sell as many units as possible and hope to fly under the radar of the local authorities while doing so. One of the main values CBDLife was built upon, was being as transparent and as open to our customers as possible. Telling customers that one of our products could cure or any sort of disease, with

Although we can’t discuss any medical or beneficial claims, we can talk about our products!

Raw Hemp Extract Oil- 500mg
Our Raw Hemp Extract Oil is the perfect product for new and experienced users alike. With a full spectrum of cannabinoids, our full spectrum products are more likely to encourage The Entourage Effect. Although supplied with a pipette dropper top, there is the option to add a spray top; allowing you to pick your method of consumption. Drop/spray the oil under your tongue as when liquids are placed under the tongue, they are absorbed into the bloodstream through the blood vessels there.

The full spectrum extract is infused in coconut-derived MCT oil. The oil is available in 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg, all of which come in either natural or peppermint flavouring.

Raw Hemp Extract Capsules- 300mg (10mg per capsule)
Our vegan friendly CBD capsules are preferred by users who do not enjoy the earthy, hempy taste of CBD. This method is also preferred by some as it is considered to be more of a fixed dose. Although it can take longer to get into your system as other methods, such as vaping, it is believed that the oral method of consumption lasts in the system longer.

If you’re looking for a stronger capsule, they are also available in 25mg per capsule tubs.

CBDLife Vape Pen Kit-
The vape pen kit has been a feature of the CBDLife product range for many years. The kit is comprised of a 350mAh battery, USB charger and carry case. The complete pen kit is accompanied with a 40% terpene infused cartridge.

Choose from 8 specially selected terpene variations, ranging from sativa dominant to indica dominant strains and everything in between. As the cartridges are CBD derived, you will not experience any psychoactive effects.

If you’re looking for a refillable device, we also have a refillable vape pod kit available. For more on our vaping range, check out our ‘which vape is right for me?’ blog.
If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact our friendly customer service team at, 0800 010 6871 or via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.

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