How to take care of your Endocannabinoid System

How to take care of your Endocannabinoid System

“The endogenous cannabinoid system, named after the plant that led to its discovery, is perhaps the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health.”

— Dr. Dustin Sulak

From birth, we naturally produce endocannabinoids-a compound similar to CBD. People are shocked to find out it’s already in our body, and our bodies already love it. Cannabinoids aren’t just found in the cannabis plant, they’re in us too. That’s why taking CBD is so important in supporting our health and wellness…

Our Endocannabinoid System helps our immune systems, protect our brains, help us manage stress and even keep our bodies in balance so its vital we keep this system ticking over. Most of us do not realise that our bodies are producing cannabinoids all of the time.

The ECS is our body’s very own control system whereby it is constantly working to keep everything in balance. By topping up this system with cannabinoids it ensures we are reaching our peak performance every day.

So why is it important we ingest cannabinoids?

A Neurologist from America came across a term known as ‘endocannabinoid deficiency’ believing that this was the reason for so many people coming down with difficult to explain illnesses.

Dr Ethan Russo said: “If you don’t have enough endocannabinoids you have pain where there shouldn’t be pain. You would be sick, meaning nauseated. You would have a lowered seizure threshold. And just a whole litany of other problems.”

It’s no secret that because of the stress of life these days, many people feel stressed and depleted. If you are feeling like this so is your ECS meaning it cannot work effectively to bring balance to all of your bodily functions.

This is why it is so important to keep the system in check. Ways you can ensure this is by living a healthy and balanced life. Eating fruit and veg, drinking lots of water and have plenty sleep as well as regular exercise. But we can also add CBD to our daily supplements…

We come into this world with calcium in our bones, then as we grow, we lose some of it. In later life, we’re then told to take supplements to keep our bones healthy…CBD works exactly the same.

The way we extract CBD allows us to pull all of the natural and beneficial nutrients out of the cannabis plant without getting anything nasty in there as well. Not only are you NOT getting high, but you are getting a product from us that’s natural and safe.

The balancing effects of CBD combined with the nutritional content of hemp oil will help ensure your body is given what it needs for peak performance each day. By introducing CBD, it means your cannabinoid production will be automatically increased.


Research shows that CBD enhances the expression of CB1 receptors in the brain. If you are new to CBD and not sure where to start, we advise to begin with the two products below…

One of the easiest and most popular ways to take most supplements is to take them with food. If you think this could be you, you should try our CBD oil and CBD capsules…


Hemp Oil Spray - 400mg CBD+CBDa

CBD Hemp Oil is made from high CBD, low THC hemp. Hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, and so these hemp oil products do not get you stoned nor do they alter your mind.

The oil is simple, easy to use and helps to support your overall health and well-being. It comes in a spray bottle. All you need to do is lift your tongue, spray, hold for 60 seconds and then swallow.

The taste is acquired and with it being totally natural is known to taste ‘earthy’-if you find this unpleasant, have a glass of water after you have held it in the mouth for 60 seconds or something quick to chew.

Every person is different when it comes to dosage. Generally we say use 10-20mg everyday. In one spray of the oil there is 5mg so we say at the most use the oil 4 times a day.

CBD Capsules

Hemp Oil Capsules (30 X 10mg) - 300mg CBD+CBDa

Our capsules are a great way of getting CBD into your system without having to taste the hemp.

Most people should be having 1-2 capsules a day for the CBD to get into their systems. You are ok to take them on an empty stomach although we do say try with food to start off. No need to slow down your active lifestyle; simply add CBD capsules to your daily vitamin routine.

Each capsule contains 10mg of CBD which is a very good dose for most users. We recommend taking 1 capsule with food 1-3 times a day.

Generally, we see customers use an average of 10-20mg of CBD per day. Please do not go over the 200mg food supplement daily limit.

Find a full list of our products here

Foods you can eat that are rich in natural cannabinoids

Some Foods We all know that cannabis is rich in cannabinoids which are essential to our health, but did you know that some other foods also contain healing cannabinoid compounds that compliment our ECS system too.

Although you may hear the term cannabinoid mostly in the cannabis world, you are surrounded by different types of them meaning you can benefit from them without using cannabis at all.

1. Cacao

Cacoa is an amazing superfood that has many benefits and contains many chemicals that support healthy and happy brain function.

2. Black Pepper

Pepper also contains a large amount of a terpene which is also found in strains of cannabis like girl scout cookies and OG kush which is why a peppery smell can be smelt when using these terpenes.

3. Echinacea

Although most well-known for treating colds and flu, echinacea shares lots in common with the cannabis plant specifically engaging the CB1 receptor in the ECS system.

4. Black Truffles

This anandamide molecule, which is also found in cocao and cannabis, is also created in black truffles. This molecule which often enough is referred to as the “bliss” molecule, is known regulate many bodily functions.

5. Kava

Kava is the drink of Fiji! With similar properties to that of THC, elements in kava bind to CB1 receptors in brain locations.

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