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In-depth Look: CBDLife Vaping Range

Vaping is the fastest known way to get CBD into your system- entering your bloodstream directly through the lungs. Our vaping products have always been favourites amongst our customers but their popularity has increased dramatically over the last few months so we thought now would be a great time to take a more in-depth look at our extensive vaping range.

CBDLife Vape Pen Kit:

Since our rebranding, the CBDLife Vape Pen kit has underwent one of the biggest changes. Instead of there only being 2 terpene blends, you can now choose from 8 terpene profiles! The strains have been picked to suit every need with a hand selected range of Sativa dominant to Indica dominant terpene blends. We have also doubled the size of the cartridge from 0.5ml to 1ml, double the product, same price!

Do you already own one of our vape pens but you’re in need of a new cartridge? Don’t worry- you can purchase the cartridges on their own, here. Check out the variable profile tab on the product page to find out more about our new terpene blends.

The CBDLife Vape Pen Kit contains:

1x 350mAh battery, buttonless
1x 40% CBD vape cartridge (optional)
Carry Case
USB charging adapter

Find out how to change cartridges, here.

Refillable Vape Pod Kit:

Refillable Vape Pod Kit - 2ml
Following lots of requests for us to introduce a refillable product, we worked tirelessly behind the scenes to develop the Refillable Vape Pod Kit. Lightweight but well built, the pod not only looks great but is perfect for vapers looking for a reliable, easily refillable pod. The slick, innovative design lends itself to subtle vaping use while not taking away from a premium vaping experience. The pen’s features include
a variable power output, vaping directly without button design, and a 4 piece magnet in the tank to match the battery tightly.

When the time comes to refill your pod, we would recommend using our 5% Broad Spectrum e-liquid. You have the option to either purchase a bottle of e-liquid or purchase pre-filled pods!

The Refillable Vape Pod Kit contains:
1x Refillable pod
1x 650mah variable voltage Battery
1x  USB Charger
1x Pod filling bottle
1 x Carry case

Find out how to refill the pod, here.

The perfect product to vape using your refillable vape pod kit is our Refined Hemp E-liquid. The e-liquid comes in 2 strengths, 2.5% or 5%, and comes in four flavours- Strawberry, Spearmint, Natural and Blackcurrant Menthol.

Throughout September 2020, you can claim 20% off all vaping products! Simply enter VAPE20 at checkout!

If you would like anymore information on any of our vaping products, get in touch with us! Either give us a call on 0880 010 6871, email or get in touch via our website or one of our social media outlets, we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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