They said there would be ‘highs’ and ‘lows’…

It’s a show that promises to look at the legalisation of cannabis in the US through the eyes of Pam St Clement, Linda Robson, John Fashanu, Bobby George and Christopher Biggins. Each of the celebrities appear on the show with medical ailments, hoping and wishing that medical marijuana will help their problems. A mishmash of arthritic joints to mood swings.

We’re promised, that the show is a bid to see if legalising cannabis in the UK is a good idea. A funny notion really, that, what they are really doing is sending Pat Butcher and Christopher Biggins to San Francisco to paint a cactus while smoking bongs and hoping it will somehow influence domestic drug policy. But, God loves a trier.

So, with that in mind, they’re all going to puff weed, eat weed and rub weed into themselves, and meet those who grow and use it too. It’s similar to BBC2’s The Real Marigold Hotel, except the celebrities sleep on a tour bus – and eat cannabis-infused brownies instead of curries.

The show starts with five celebrity suspects in San Francisco, on a tour bus painted to look like Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine. If you fancy a laugh, you can watch them gobble hash brownies, smoke joints and puff on bongs on ITV catch up!

After the celebrities had visited the US they discussed the legal CBD supplements that are readily available in the UK. Most of which can be found here at CBD Life UK:

Pam St Clement, better known for her earrings on Eastenders– was a keen puffer and got the giggles. Linda Robson viewed it as a potential replacement for hormone replacement therapy, while Christopher Biggins, who is asthmatic, had marijuana-infused ointment massaged into his thighs, happily not on camera.

Also along for the ride was committed ascetic and manifestly non-geriatric John Fashanu, who in his role as finger-wagging party pooper proved a little too successful. “I’m high on life,” he explained, boringly. Eventually he tried some marijuana ice cream. “Absolutely nothing happened,” he shrugged.

Without a doubt the most standout moment of the short series must be Eastenders’ Pat Butcher enjoying a bong. While John Fashanu has the complete opposite experience.

All in all, the shows do have as much insight into the use of ‘wacky backy’ in America as it is a celebrity TV programme- worth a watch. Some people have even used social media to brand the show one of the funniest things on TV all year.