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Learn about Hemp Extraction

We know how much many of our customers love our products, but what sort of process we have to go through in order to make different extracts? There is so much that goes on from hemp plant to product and in this blog, we are going to look at all of the stages from plant, to isolate!

Step 1: The first step in the process is the farming of the hemp. We only use the best Hemp we can find. Our hemp comes from multiple farms from Germany, Lithuania and the USA. From there, we begin the extraction process.

Step 2: The first thing the plant is turned into is crude whole plant Extract. To do this, CO2 or ethanol extraction takes place. The process sees the cannabinoids removed from the plant. At this stage a full spectrum oil is created which is used in our Full Spectrum product range.

Step 3: To further removed some cannabinoids and refine the extract even more, distillation takes place. Each cannabinoid has a different boiling point. The winterized crude oil is then boiled to remove some of the cannabinoids and impurities. The oil is boiled at a range of temperatures, to learn more about this, head over to our Cannabinoid boiling point blog. Distilled extract is then usually used in the creation of Broad spectrum products

Step 4: To achieve isolated CBD, a crystallization process must take place. There are several stages throughout the crystallization that we are going to take a look at. Once the extract is purified as much as possible using the distillate stage. the first step is Solvent Removal. As the name suggests, this step removes any residual solvents from the extraction process that haven’t already been removed. The next step is to get dissolve the CBD, this is usually done using ethanol. After that, the extract needs to be cooled, slowly. This allows the CBD to crystallize. This is a vital part of the process and if done incorrectly can cause issues with CBD.

The ‘finished’ crystalized CBD, is what we sell as CBD Isolate but it can also be used in oils, topicals, capsules & vapes! The isolation process allows companies to produce high-quality and consistent CBD products with a high level of purity.

It’s important to note, the less processes the hemp goes through, the more compounds are left in the extract that are found in the plant naturally. Also, the less solvents are used too. It is our opinion that full spectrum products offer the most health benefits because of these reasons.

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