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Medical student quits to become a cannabis chef

We’ve all had days where we’re just not in the mood for work and a change of career seems pretty appealing.

Most of us don’t actually follow through, though. Chris Sayegh isn’t most of us.Chris was in the second year of his degree in medicine when he decided that training to be a doctor wasn’t actually for him.

So he ditched the white coat for an apron and a big bag of weed.

The 24 year-old chef decided that what he really wanted to do was combine his love of food with his fondness for marijuana.

Talking about his journey, Chris explained: ‘I was a sophomore attending the University of California Santa Cruz when I had a vision of myself cooking in beautiful kitchens all over the world. In that moment I decided to not let anyone make any more decisions for me – I was taking charge of my life.

‘Needless to say, from that point forward, my life changed dramatically.  I went from my cushy ‘fairytale’ of a life to being the lowest of the low in the kitchen.

‘What you see on the food network shows of Gordon Ramsay yelling and throwing and degrading is no joke – that really does happen.

‘Working 15 hour days, six days a week and feeling like I was being tortured most of that time – all for my dream.  And let me tell you: it was worth every damn day.

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