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New Full Spectrum CBD E-liquids Released!

Here at CBDLife UK we are always looking for ways to improve our products. One problem we always want to solve was the separation of our full spectrum cbd e-liquids. So we are very happy to announce that our new formula cbd e-liquid is now free from separation. This means the flavour and consistency will be much improved making a much better vape experience.


It isn’t only the separation issue that has been solved but they are now at a lower price too!


The products that are changed as the following:


  • 1% CBD E-Liquid: Reduce from £19.95 to £14.95
  • 3% CBD E-Liquid: Strength increased from 2.5% to 3% and price lower from £39.95 to £29.95
  • 10% eCart/ePen: Strength increased from 5% to 10% with the price staying the same


Great new prices for amazing new products.


These new great e-liquids now come in 4 amazing flavours:

Natural Hemp – For those to love the natural taste of hemp and do not want any added flavourings. Lovely hashy tones, great natural flavour.

Strawberry – A sweet strawberry flavour added to compliment the hemp nicely.

Spearmint – A cool and refreshing addition to the hemp flavour

Black Ice – Balance of blackcurrant and menthol with undertones of hemp.

So many tasty flavours to choose from, the only hard part is choosing which flavour to try first! We will continue to improve our products and supply only the finest products available. If anyone has any suggests we would be happy to hear them!

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