New stronger 25mg CBD Capsules now in stock

Are you a fan of our 10mg CBD Capsules? Or, are you looking to try a new product?

Well, look no further. We have now brought out a 25mg one-a-day CBD Capsule.

These new capsules are perfect for people who are already taking CBD and would like a higher and more economical dose and they are available to buy right now here


At just £49.95 you are getting x2.5 as much as our 10mg capsules!

CBD capsules are a comfortable and easy way to take CBD and is good when you only need a small concentration of the product over a longer period of time.

Our capsules are a great way of getting CBD into your system without having to taste the hemp as it can be an aquired taste due to it’s ‘earthy’ flavour. This is because the product is so safe, natural and non-toxic.

Most people who are using our 10mg CBD Capsules are taking 1-3 daily with meals get into their systems. With our new stronger capsules you can take just one on a morning and that is your daily intake for CBD altogether.

You are ok to take them on an empty stomach although we do say try with food to start off. No need to slow down your active lifestyle; simply add CBD capsules to your daily vitamin routine.

Please do not go over the 200mg food supplement daily limit. These capsules are full extract Hemp oil infused into coconut Oil and capped in Vegan Capsules.

Why take CBD?

Staying healthy and happy for most of, if not all our lives is something we all want. By adding CBD into our daily routines, we can ensure that our bodies are working at their best to regulate all bodily functions.

In the UK, the CBD market is growing rapidly. Maintaining good health is vital as everything else in your life stems from this. More than ever before, people are choosing to take CBD as a daily supplement and you should too.

We often get asked “But, why do I need to take CBD? There’s nothing wrong with me.” You do not have to have anything “wrong” with you to take CBD. It’s for everyone no matter how healthy you may be.

CBD provides a source of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids like Omega-3, protein and it’s organically grown too. By providing such a unique nutritional content, CBD hemp oil should be added to your diet daily. Since the THC (the part that makes you high) has been removed-there are no side effects just benefits.

Hemp was one of the most widely grown crops up until the worldwide ban on cannabis kicked in about 100 years ago. It was part of everyone’s diet! People often overlook the fact that it is an important element in human and animal nutrition due to irrational fear and the drugs policies since the ban. When, in fact, it’s one of the most beneficial plants out there.