400mg CBDLife Vape Cartridge – 1ml

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CBD Quantity 400mg
Net Quantity 1ml Cartridge
CBD Concentration 40%
£ Per CBD mg £0.06
Extract Type Broad Spectrum
Appearance Light Gold

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CBDLife CBD Cartridge

400mg per 1ml.

The cartridges have a porous ceramic atomiser to deliver a great taste and vaping experience. The cartridges are filled with broad-spectrum hemp extract which is blended with a variety of terpene profiles to offer the consumer a wide range of tastes and effects. Find out more information about the Terpene profiles below.

Simply screw this cartridge directly to your CBDLife Vape Pen battery or any other battery with a 510 connection.

Vaping offers the quickest absorption method to get CBD into your system- entering your bloodstream directly through the lungs.

Once the vape cartridges are finished we recommend changing for a new cartridge. The cartridges are not designed to be refilled.

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Terpenes, MCT

Please note: The cartridges are not designed to be refilled. Due to the nature of the highly concnetrated product, storing at low temperatures can cause stability issues. We recommend storing the product in temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees. If you do encounter stability issues with the cartridge, either leave above a radiator or give a small blast with a hairdryer on a low heat.

Screw on the prefilled cartridge onto the battery and take a 3-5 second to inhale and hold the vapour inside your lungs for as long as possible before exhaling. Do this 1-3 times and wait 10 minutes. If you feel you need more then repeat this process. Once the cartridge is running out simply replace with a new prefilled cartridge.

Super Lemon Haze- Sativa Dominant (80/20) – Super Lemon Haze’s popularity has been on the increase over the last few years. The strong rich citrus flavours are accompanied by fruity, earthy, and floral tones. The natural terpenes lend themselves to possibly making users feel energized, happy, and active. Perfect for daytime use, we would not recommend using this cartridge before bed.

Pineapple Express- Sativa dominant (60/40) – Pineapple Express is one of the best-known terpene profiles. The terpenes have been known to leave users feeling uplifted, euphoric, energetic while also giving users a soothing sensation. With a mixture of citrus overtones and hints of Pineapple, you can expect a fruity taste from this one. This cartridge is best consumed during the day.

Blue Dream – Sativa Dominant (60/40) – The flavour you’ll experience with Blue Dream starts with heavy floral & fruity tones with underlying herbal and citrus hints. With a relatively quick onset, users tend to feel an uplifting burst from the essential terpenes. Blue dream is perfect to use throughout the day.

Tangerine Dream – Complete Hybrid (50/50) – Tangerine dream offers both bold sweet, citrus flavours and prominent herbal tones. Similar to Strawnana, the terpene takes effect slowly and do not hit hard instantly. These results of the Tangerine Dream can leave the user feeling mellow and uplifted while still being relaxed. The prime time to use this cartridge would be during the day and early evening.

Raspberry Cookies – Indica Dominant (60/40) – There are delicious flavour notes of berry running throughout. The sweetest cartridge available from CBDLife, our Platinum Raspberry cookies has proven to be a consumer favourite. The Indica dominant essentials terpenes can leave the user feeling calm and relaxed. his cartridge is great for evening use.

Banana Kush- Indica dominant(60/40)- Perfect for our fruity flavoured customers, Banana Kush has extremely heavy Banana tones. With the profile only being slightly Indica dominant, users can be left feeling slightly uplifted while simultaneously feeling calm and relaex. The perfect time to use this cartridge would be during the day.

Grand Daddy Purple- Indica dominant (70/30)- Grand Daddy Purple is another extremely well-known terpene profile. The essential terpenes can give users a soothing, relaxing and calming feeling. The terpenes have an earthy yet sweet taste, This cartridge hits in waves and is fantastic for evening use.

Strawnana- Indica dominant(80/20)- As the name suggests, Strawnana has strong fruity, strawberry and banana tones with. It has been suggested that the essential terpenes gently takes effect as opposed to hitting the user quickly and can leave the user feeling uplifted but with a strong calming, relaxed feeling. The perfect time to use this cartridge would be in the evening time or just before bed.

Grand Daddy Purple Lab And Safety Report

Pineapple Express Lab And Safety Report

Strawnana Lab And Safety Report

Super Lemon Haze Lab And Safety Report

Raspberry Cookies Lab And Safety Report

Blue Dream Lab And Safety Report

Banana Kush Lab And Safety Report

Tangerine Dream Lab And Safety Report

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9 reviews for 400mg CBDLife Vape Cartridge – 1ml

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  1. Gary

    Love these products. The pineapple express has such a beautiful taste too it.

  2. Jason Turnbull

    Having vaped for a good number of years, this was my first time vaping CBD, I purchased both the Pineapple Express and the Grand Daddy Purple cartridges. I use the Pineapple Express during the day and the Grand Daddy Purple of a night time. I really like the flavours of both!

  3. Chris Walker

    The pineapple Express is wonderful. Such a nice taste. So easy to swap between the two for day and night. Perfect product

  4. Chris Lowe

    I absolutely love these. Ive bought both terpene profiles many times, and while they’re both winners, the grandaddy purple is my favourite! The purepen and Carts are so simple to use and they last a good amount of time, as long as its not permanently attached to your mouth! Id definitely recommend these for anyone who hasnt tried vaping cbd anf wants to avoid using PG/VG

  5. Scott (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic product – tasty, terpy, strong and satisfying. Even better that they’re now available in 1 ml cartridges and more flavour profiles, packing a healthy serving of CBD in each puff, at a great price. It’s good vape oil!

  6. Susan C (verified owner)

    The new 1ml cartridge : what a good idea!
    Very smooth made w/ broad spectrum, MCT Oil & natural terpenes.
    Granddaddy Purple was my favourite..
    New flavours to try; Raspberry Cookies , deep & sweet but not a sickly sweet. Yummy!
    Blue Dream is really nice too, fresh fruity taste , still as smooth.
    What next? Maybe Banana Kush. 🙂 Thank you CBD Life, I always recommend you. ♡

  7. Paul

    Used the 40% cartridges for a couple years now. Always enjoyed them but was getting a little bored of only 2 flavours so was very happy when CBDLife introduced their new flavours. Tangerine dream is my new absolute favourite. I found the bit that tells you what to expect from each flavour really useful. Cheers!

  8. Andrew (verified owner)

    Top quality CBD vape lovely stuff!

  9. Zoe Brown (verified owner)

    Love these cartridges and the range of strains. Blue Dream is my favourite and it was a bargain.

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