500mg CBDLife Vape Pen Kit – 1ml

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CBD Quantity 400mg
Net Quantity 1ml Cartridge
CBD Concentration 40%
£ Per CBD mg £0.06
Extract Type Broad Spectrum
Appearance Light Gold

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CBDLife Vape Pen Kit

Introducing the CBDLife Vape Pen Kit. This buttonless design, easy to use vape device can be combined with our wide range of highly concentrated CBD Vape Cartridges.  The kit comes complete with a 350mAh battery, pre-filled cartridge, USB charger and carry case.

Choose between our 8 terpene profiles to suit every desired effect ranging from Sativa dominant to Indica dominant. Find out more information on these profiles below.

Vaping is an excellent way to take CBD oil because it is the fastest known way to get CBD into your system- entering your bloodstream directly through the lungs.

The Vape Pen Kit contains:

  • 1x 350mAh battery, buttonless
  • 1x 50% CBD vape cartridge (optional)
  • Carry Case
  • USB charging adapter

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Terpenes,

If purchasing battery and cartridge, the cartridge will not be included in the pen case but in its own packaging.

Please note: The cartridges are not designed to be refilled. Due to the nature of the highly concnetrated product, storing at low temperatures can cause stability issues. We recommend storing the product in temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees. If you do encounter stability issues with the cartridge, either leave above a radiator or give a small blast with a hairdryer on a low heat.

Screw on the prefilled cartridge onto the battery and take a 3-5 second to inhale and hold the vapour inside your lungs for as long as possible before exhaling. Do this 1-3 times and wait 10 minutes. If you feel you need more then repeat this process. Once the cartridge is running out simply replace it with a new prefilled cartridge.

Super Lemon Haze- Sativa Dominant (80/20) – Super Lemon Haze’s popularity has been on the increase over the last few years. The strong rich citrus flavours are accompanied by fruity, earthy, and floral tones. The natural terpenes lend themselves to possibly making users feel energized, happy, and active. Perfect for daytime use, we would not recommend using this cartridge before bed.

Pineapple Express- Sativa dominant (60/40) – Pineapple Express is one of the best-known terpene profiles. The terpenes have been known to leave users feeling uplifted, euphoric, energetic while also giving users a soothing sensation. With a mixture of citrus overtones and hints of Pineapple, you can expect a fruity taste from this one. This cartridge is best consumed during the day.

Blue Dream – Sativa Dominant (60/40) – The flavour you’ll experience with Blue Dream starts with heavy floral & fruity tones with underlying herbal and citrus hints. With a relatively quick onset, users tend to feel an uplifting burst from the essential terpenes. Blue dream is perfect to use throughout the day.

Tangerine Dream – Complete Hybrid (50/50) – Tangerine dream offers both bold sweet, citrus flavours and prominent herbal tones. Similar to Strawnana, the terpene takes effect slowly and do not hit hard instantly. These results of the Tangerine Dream can leave the user feeling mellow and uplifted while still being relaxed. The prime time to use this cartridge would be during the day and early evening.

Raspberry Cookies – Indica Dominant (60/40) – There are delicious flavour notes of berry running throughout. The sweetest cartridge available from CBDLife, our Platinum Raspberry cookies has proven to be a consumer favourite. The Indica dominant essentials terpenes can leave the user feeling calm and relaxed. his cartridge is great for evening use.

Banana Kush- Indica dominant(60/40)- Banana Kush- Indica dominant(60/40)- Perfect for our fruity flavoured customers, Banana Kush has extremely heavy Banana tones. With the profile only being slightly Indica dominant, users can be left feeling slightly uplifted while simultaneously feeling calm and relaex. The perfect time to use this cartridge would be during the day.

Grand Daddy Purple- Indica dominant (70/30)- Grand Daddy Purple is another extremely well-known terpene profile. The essential terpenes can give users a soothing, relaxing and calming feeling. The terpenes have an earthy yet sweet taste, This cartridge hits in waves and is fantastic for evening use.

Strawnana- Indica dominant(80/20)- As the name suggests, Strawnana has strong fruity, strawberry and banana tones with. It has been suggested that the essential terpenes gently takes effect as opposed to hitting the user quickly and can leave the user feeling uplifted but with a strong calming, relaxed feeling. The perfect time to use this cartridge would be in the evening time or just before bed.

Grand Daddy Purple Lab And Safety Report

Pineapple Express Lab And Safety Report

Strawnana Lab And Safety Report

Super Lemon Haze Lab And Safety Report

Raspberry Cookies Lab And Safety Report

Blue Dream Lab And Safety Report

Banana Kush Lab And Safety Report

Tangerine Dream Lab And Safety Report

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12 reviews for 500mg CBDLife Vape Pen Kit – 1ml

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  1. George


  2. Ian Kelly

    Hands down the best purchase of my entire life. Utterly perfect so tasty and incredibly effective. I prefer the night time option but the day time is truly supreme also. 10/10. X

  3. Chris Walker

    Absolutely love this pen. So easy to use, the taste of the granddaddy purple is awesome. This is my first time vaping cbd and I couldn’t have chose a better start and brand. The delivery is so fast and packaged well. The case the pen comes with is handy when I’m travelling. Very pleased with this product

  4. Amy

    Such a simple and easy device. Easy to switch between flavours. Very effective

  5. James

    Excellent taste and effective. Best CBD product I’ve tried.

  6. Tony Rouvas

    Really well made vape pen strong and durable. Granddaddy purple is my flavour of choice. The good thing about this vape pen is you get and instant cbd hit whenever you need one.

  7. Stephen Jones

    I’m no longer a smoker and decided to get the vape pen for CBD anyway. The delivery arrived promptly and well packed.
    I chose the Pineapple Express since it is supposed to be a more refreshing blend. The taste is pleasant, and relatively neutral with a very slight herbaceous quality. I didn’t really notice the pineapple scent nor taste. There is a slight texture to the vapour. The draw on the pen is lighter than regular cigarettes. The pen recharges easily from a USB port.
    I’m new to CBD with this being my first try. I do recommend CBDLife for their quality of service. I don’t have anything to say about the effectiveness of CBD Oil since it is too early days.

  8. Roswald Walton

    I already use the cbd vape liquid from CBDLifeUK and I wanted to try another form, and I couldn’t be happier, this company is so consistent, quality wise, delivery speed and the staff are all so lovely and helpful. I can’t recommend this company and their products enough, seriously trustworthy and, I’ve been using CBD products for the past several years, CBDLifeUK is, hands down, the best of them all.

  9. Susan C

    This is a great set , I keep it for on the go – I use a larger one at home ?
    It works really well & battery can last over a day, which is great if out.
    Vape is clean & tasty. Consistent too.
    Never had a problem with it , over 8months now I’ve been using it.
    My favourite vape is the 200mg Grandaddy Purple.
    Thank you CBD Life, your customer help & your products are fabulous.

  10. David French

    Speedy delivery of an excellent product. The quality and quantity of CBD are amazing! I prefer the night time flavour but both are delicious.

  11. Mandy Driscoll

    I’ve had my vape pen for over a year now and have been really happy with it. Quick charging, compact and effective. I’ve tried several of the flavours including the natural vape and like them all. It’s also very reasonably priced, I tend to buy the vape cartridges when they’re on offer. Although they do have a use by date, which needs to be kept in mind. One of my natural hemp cartridges did go off.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

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