Cistanche Extract Capsules


500mg of Cistanche extract capped in a HMPC capsule

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What is Cistanche?

Cistanche belongs to the Orobanchaceae family. It is generally found in parts of Asia and Africa. The plant has adapted to its harsh environment, with its fleshy stem emerging above the ground and forming clusters of yellowish-brown, tubular flowers. Cistanche has a unique and intriguing life cycle, relying on host plants to obtain nutrients and water.

Cistanche has a storied history of use in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Cistanche is often consumed in various forms, including dried stems, extracts, or powders. It can be used as an ingredient in herbal formulations, teas, or supplements.

What are the benefits of Cistanche?

By law, we cannot discuss the ‘benefits’ of the Cistanche but the growth in popularity of the product in the UK over the last few years speaks for itself!

If you’re interested in trying Lion’s Mane, we would recommend doing some research and seeing if it is the right mushroom capsule for you. If not, take a look at our vast array of mushroom capsules, we are sure you will find what you’re looking for.

Are there any side effects of Cistanche?

By law, we cannot discuss the ‘benefits’ of the Cistanche so would recommend taking a look on your preferred search engine to research the product yourself and see if its the right one for you!

Is Cistanche safe?

We only source premium quality extracts from trusted suppliers & run third party lab tests to ensure the extracts are safe & of the highest quality.

What Other supplements work with Cistanche?

Again, we would always recommend doing your own research but we have found many customers like to take Tongkat Ali & Fadogia Agrestis alongside their Cistanche supplement.

How Much Cistanche Should I Take?

Each one of our capsules contains 500mg of Cistanche. We would recommend taking 1-2 capsules, once a day.


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