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Save On Your CBD Vapes

As many CBDLife customers know, one of our main aims is to make sure we can produce premium CBD products at affordable prices. That means when our costs drop, so do the prices of our products! You’ll now find many of our Dab and Vaping products have reduced in price.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the products that have been included in the price drop.

Power Dab Kit:
Have you tried our dab power kit? It was undoubtedly our most popular product every expo last year. The premium piece of kit is the perfect way to take CBD Wax/Crumble or Isolate. The device can be used discreetly with just the concentrate atomiser or add one of the water adapters to enhance the experience. It is also supplied in a high-quality carry case to keep all your equipment safe.

Dab Pen:
If you are looking for a suitable device to vape all our CBD isolate or Terpene infused isolate the Dab Pen{HYPERLINK} is the perfect tool for you! You can Dab all of our Isolates and Wax/Crumbles concentrates using this nifty, little device.

The Dab Pen comes in a handy carry case, perfect size to pop in your pocket before you head out to go about your day. Then pen easily clips together and you can be ready to consume your CBD concentrate in seconds.

Isolate & Wax/Crumble:
Our CBD Isolates & Wax/Crumble are the prefect products to use with either the Dab Pen or Power Dab kit! CBD Isolate is the purest way to take CBD. No other compounds, just pure CBD.

If you would rather an added little flavour to your CBD Isolate or Crumble, we have 7 terpene infused Isolates and Crumble to choose from: Pineapple Express, Grand Daddy Purple, Super Lemon Haze, Gorilla Glue #4, Blue Dream, Headband & Strawnana.

There’s also some good news for our e-liquid fans, not only are the e-liquids going to be cheaper, there are several new flavours in the works! What new flavours would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.

Click here to check out our E-Liquid range.

We are making the finishing touches to our brand new website. We are hoping the website will be live in February. Same CBDLife, same pricing, new look easy to navigate site coming soon!


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