CBD Edibles UK

CBD edibles have undoubtedly shot up the rankings in terms of method of CBD consumption- and we get it! What more could you want than your CBD mixed with a sweet treat?!

Whether it CBD gummies, CBD Chocolate or making your own CBD infused food- consuming CBD with food not only is a fun way to get creative but is also a fantastic way to mask the taste of CBD if you’re not the biggest fan.

Can I give my child CBD edibles?

Yes. Under UK law, there is no age restriction on consuming CBD. However, 2 important factors to consider when taking are the body’s previous exposure to cannabinoids or something similar, and body mass. Finding your optimum CBD dosage is a very personal thing, we are all on different amounts in the office! As with all CBD products, we would recommend starting with a lower strength product

How many edibles can I eat in a day?

It all depends on the edible! We have three different strength gummies within our CBD edible range. The Food Standards Agency recommends not exceeding 70mg CBD per day so to that, you should not consume more than 7 Bears or Domes, 2 Cola Bottles, Neon Bottles, Neon Rings, Apple Rings, Strawberry Rings or Peach Rings, or 1 Cherry CBD edible a day.

Can I make CBD edibles?

You can! CBD Smoothies are a really popular ‘do it yourself’ way to make a tasty CBD treat, check out our super smoothie blog for recipes. There are so many foods you can add a CBD kick too, guacamole, CBD infused mashed potato, chocolate chip cookies, the possibilities are endless!

What CBD edibles do you offer?

Currently, we have a wide range of gummies available on site, various strengths and flavours. With both vegan and non vegan options available, we are sure you’ll find the perfect sweet treat!

How long do CBD edibles take to work?

As we sell CBD edibles as food supplements, we can’t make any medical claims thus can’t discuss how long it will take for CBD to ‘work’ but we can give you a rough idea as to how long it will take to get into your system.

As the edible will have to pass through the digestive tract, it will take longer than most other methods of consumption to get into your system. As discussed previously, everyone is different but you could be looking at up to 90 minutes for the product to be in your system.