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CBDLifeUK is about real athletes inspiring our products that function, fit and perform beautifully. To help achieve our goal of providing the best products and service, we’re committed to connecting with athletes who inspire our business, our products and (most importantly) our customers.

Ian Freeman

“We can’t change what’s happening, so go and fight and win it for your Dad-give him the best going away present ever…” These were the words of renowned UFC fighter, Ian Freeman’s Mum to her

Mario Saeed

“I live my life like a samurai sword and fighting is in my blood.” - Mario Saeed Fighter by day, Father by night, Mixed Martial Artist Mario Saeed describes his daughter as his champion and his

Darren Wardle

How many people can say they got to live out their childhood dream? Darren Wardle can. A down to earth family man and father-of-two who fell into MMA almost by accident and came out a

Anthony Nelson

Anthony Nelson knows more than anyone that nothing worth having comes easy. After headlining sky sports to almost having to give up on his dream due to lack of sponsorship, he has still come out

Adam Proctor

Since he was a kid, the dream was always to become a professional and sucessful athlete…little did he know just how successful he would be. Adam Proctor wasn't even sure which sport was for him,

Branden Guest

It would seem that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to success in mixed martial arts… Branden Guest, 19, was first introduced to MMA by his father, who has been

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