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Is a stronger CBD product always better?

Are you new to CBD and thinking “how do I know that this is going to work for me?”,

Or maybe you’re already taking CBD and thinking “I need something a little stronger, but im not sure which product to move onto…”

Well, this blog is for you…

And, is a stronger CBD product more useful? The answer is simply, no.

What’s important to understand at this point is that each person’s endocannabinoid system works differently and reacts differently with each person body. With regards to dosage there is no straight, solid scientific information that states how much CBD you should be taking at any one time, however there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration.

A stronger product does not mean ‘better results’. We use an unrefined plant extract here at CBD Life UK. This is because, often enough, due to the refinement process and the introduction of alcohol, the extract gets damaged.

In other words, it is better to have x2 doses of 4% CBD broken up than just the x1 dose of 8%-without confusing you!

If you’re just starting CBD, less is more. Start with the smallest dose possible as with any new product your body has to become familiar to it and you have to notice how your body is reacting before you increase that dose. If you are on any medication that has been prescribed, we would always recommed you consult your doctor or a medical professional before trying any CBD.

One nice aspect is that to date, nobody has ever reported having too much. You can’t overdose on CBD, it doesn’t work like that. Here’s a good analogy: if you are eating lots of greens to improve your health, how many greens is too many? Can we ever say someone is eating too many greens? Same with CBD.

Start off by taking one drop of CBD oil in the morning. Then increase to one in the evening. If it’s capsules, start off with one with a meal then increase. Vapes can be used as and when for instant relief. If it’s our balm you are using, massage in the area as and when needed too.

It’s all pretty straight forward. Don’t be scared to increase your dose if you feel as though you are not getting the best from the product.

It may be stating the obvious but larger individuals may prefer taking a higher dose than smaller people.

The right dose of CBD varies from person to person. Generally speaking, larger individuals may prefer a higher dose of CBD than smaller people. With CBD, you can easily scale up just a few milligrams at a time to meet your personal needs.

A mistake that people make is that they are using CBD only for a short period of time.  Listen to your body!

Your ideal CBD oil dosage will vary based on the quality of the product you take. Concentration and purity levels will differ based on the manufacturer and even distribution process. Here at CBD Life UK we sell top quality CBD and pride ourselves on third party testing. You can check all of this on the product you’re choosing’s page.

If you are a regular user of cannabis, you may find you need a higher dose of CBD to feel any effects. However, it has been noted than CBD can often counteract the effects of THC.

Just increase or decrease your dose till you find a happy medium.

If it is a massively concentrated amount of CBD you are after, then CBD Paste in the answer!

It is the most affordable way to get high concentrations of CBD and other cannabinoids into your system. This rich and wonderful rich hemp paste is the most concentrated form of CBD that we

Things to remember:

  1. It’s not about buying the cheapest product- it’s quality that matters.

Although lower prices may be more attractive, think twice just before buying the cheapest CBD around. If you want to make sure your product is safe and effective, quality is key. Look for quality not price. With so many CBD sellers on the internet, it’s easy to buy something that’s most affordable. Be careful and remember the higher the concentration of cannabidiol in a product, the more powerful its effects, and thus the wiser the investment.

  1. Be careful of products that claim to be able to ‘do’ everything.

If you want to use CBD, do your research. Learn about the real properties of CBD-it should never ever be sold to you as ‘medical cannabis’ if you have ordered it online. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. CBD should be sold as a food supplement.

Beware of those products that claim to cure everything. playing with people’s minds and hearts and with their desperate need to find a reliable treatment for painful conditions is not the right way to promote a product.

What we do offer you is a powerful dietary supplement with an impressive concentration of CBD

  1. Make sure your oil has no THC in it or properties that will leave you ‘high’ or ‘stoned’.

You may find that some of the products, that are on the market contain psychoactive compounds so it’s important to check the label as you will get a shock if this is the case and this wasn’t the desired effect. As long as you stick with non-psychoactive products you will be fine.

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