You are currently viewing 20% off our brand new 10% CBD Epen

20% off our brand new 10% CBD Epen

20% off our brand new 10% CBD Epen

If you seen our post on Wednesday, you will know that we have massive reductions on our CBD Eliquid and Epen cartridges! But why, may you ask?

Here at CBD Life UK, we have just created our best Epen and Eliquid formula yet! Hence selling all of our old stock.


If you are a keen vaper, you are in for a treat! Our current 5% CBD Epen is now 10% CBD and you can enjoy our Eliquids at 1% or 3% CBD.

Our new vape pen formula will be available from this weekend and comes in 4 great flavours! Choose from natural hemp with lovely hashy undertones, strawberry, spearmint and our brand new black ice-a mixture of blackcurrant and menthol!

Best of all, this new product is the same price as our old 5% CBD Epen.

We have changed our formula to stop any separation issues, yet you get an even better taste with the natural terpenes of hemp coming through!

To celebrate the drop of our new Epen which you can grab this weekend we have a 20% off sale code…

Use EPEN20 at the checkout and try the new pen at a discounted price until Sunday 24th June at Midnight!

If it’s the Eliquid you are after for your own vape pen-hang fire. These liquids will be available within the next few weeks! If you would still like to purchase our current Eliquid at 60% less than the RRP. Click here!

Vaping is an excellent way to take CBD because it is the fastest known way to get CBD into your system.  It gets into your bloodstream directly through the lungs. Vaping is also relaxing due to the deep inhales and exhales.

When you are vaping CBD, it diffuses in the bloodstream bypassing the stomach and liver allowing four times as much of the product to affect you. This means you can achieve the same beneficial effects with a much smaller amount of CBD.

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