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CBDLife Packaging Update Explained!

Following the launch of our new site, you may have noticed our products look a lot different- don’t worry, they are still the same premium products you’re used to, we have just completely updated our packaging!

Our completely new packaging is designed to help you understand exactly what extract can be found in the product, simply by just looking at the box!

If the CBD part of the CBDLife logo is green, it means it means the product has been made using a full spectrum extract. Our full spectrum extracts are raw, meaning as little refinements as possible and usually with CBDa present. The oils are generally darker in colour and can have a slightly bitter/peppery taste due to the natural terpenes (mostly Caryophyllene).

Full spectrum products contain all the minor cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Full spectrum products will contain traces of THC. This is always only trace amounts, under 0.2% and still completely non-psychoactive.

If the CBD part of the CBDLife logo is yellow, it means it means the product has been made using a broad spectrum extract. Broad spectrum extracts have been refined to create an extract with under 0.05% THC (generally blended down to create finished products 0.00% THC), thus making any broad spectrum products ‘THC free’. This could be particularly important for somebody that is regularly drug tested. The refinements remove all other minor cannabinoids too, resulting in a golden oil.

To find out more about the differences between full spectrum and broad spectrum, click here.

If the CBDlife logo is completely black or white, it means the product has been made using CBD isolate. Isolate is the most refined hemp extract available as it only contains CBD, no other compounds. is odorless and tasteless.

The bottom of the packaging will also help you decide explain what has been used in your product:

If there are lines across the bottom of the box and bottle, it means the product has been made using a full or broad spectrum extract.

If there is a diamond design across the bottom of your bottle and box, it means that the product has been made using an isolate extact.

You will also find some images on the side of your packaging, here’s a look at what they mean!

Vegan friendly

British Manufactured


3rd Party Lab Tested


Indicates whether your product is full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate based

We hope you love our new packaging as much as we do! As always, if you have any questions at all, please get in contact with us. Either call 020 7117 2460 email or send us a message on social media and one of our team will be more than happy to help.

The CBDLife Team

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