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What is Dabbing?

Vaporizing cannabis concentrates, a process known as dabbing, has been really booming lately and it’s an extremely effective delivery system to administer CBD.

In short, dabbing gives you better absorption and without the risks associated with smoking any form of plant material.

It can be defined as the method of taking CBD associated with the flash vaporization of cannabis after it has been applied to a hot surface and then inhaled.

When you dab CBD, it’s a more active method of getting your daily dose of the supplement and since it contains no THC, it won’t, I repeat WILL NOT, get you ‘stoned’ or ‘high’.

As a means of smoking, dabbing is said to be a smooth draw that lets people suck in vast quantities of CBD at one time. It’s basically smoking in short, strong bursts of a smaller yet more concentrated form of CBD.

CBD is one of the primary compounds in the cannabis plant and isn’t psychoactive. Concentrates like CBD isolate which is up to 99% pure is more potent than flowers meaning a tiny bit goes a long way especially for an immediate effect. CBD Isolate also contains less plant material, so you are inhaling more cannabidiol and less combusted resin.

CBD crystals are isolated and purified extractions of the cannabis compound. Normally, hemp and other cannabis-based extracts contain at least trace amounts of other plant molecules. With dabbing, effects are instant as the bloodstream absorbs the active molecules directly from the lungs without interference, delays or possible poor absorption from the digestive system.

When you inhale CBD through something like a vaporizer it provides the fastest form of ingestion. When inhaled, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the lungs and are taken into the bloodstream. From there, they have fast access to the brain.

As well as isolates, CBD concentrates are also available wax/crumble. CBD Wax is made from hemp. Isolate is CBD in its purest form.

Pros of Dabbing

Fast delivery system for cannabidiol

Less plant matter to inhale

Terpene-rich flavor

Discrete (when used in a vape pen)

 Cons of Dabbing


Can get messy/sticky (unless using crumble)

Our Dabbing products

If you are looking for a suitable device to vape all our CBD isolate or Terpene infused isolate then we have the perfect tool for you.

The CBDLife UK Dab Pen Kit comes with everything you need to start dabbing our concentrates. Perfect for beginners to experienced users alike.

CBDLife Dab Pen

CBD wax/crumble 85%+ CBD

This extract is perfect for dabbing/vaporising with an amazing flavour profile. Stored in a glass container with screwed plastic cap for easy use. This CBD wax which is rich in terpenes has many uses.

We recommend that our CBD wax/crumble products are vapourised for the maximum effects. If you do not have an appropriate concentrate vaporiser making your own DIY eliquids in a great alternative.

CBD Terpene Infused Isolate 90%

We infused Strain-specific terpene profiles into our CBD Isolate to create a wonderfully flavourful and effective product.

The CBD Isolate made from Co2 extracted hemp extract. This is the most refined hemp extract available which contains only CBD. The isolate is then reintroduced to a terpenes profile to give it its gorgeous smell and flavour.

CBDLife UK Terp Crystals

CBD Isolate 99%

This is our CBD Isolate made from hemp extract. This is the most refined hemp extract available which contains only CBD. The crystals have been finely ground for ease of use and can be recrystallized if necessary.

With many uses including: Vaporising, dabbing, eliquid, topical use this isolate has no flavour due to lack of terpenes.

This is available in 3 different sizes 250mg, 500mg, and 1g pots.

CBD Isolate 99% 99% CBD Isolate This is our CBD Isolate made from hemp extract. The crystals have been finely ground for ease of use. Can be recrystallized if necessary. Available in three sizes 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg. Come in a black plastic storage case with a removable silcone liner.

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