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What is White Label?

Do you want to have your own CBD business? With CBDLife, you can take an idea and turn it into a reality in 6 simple steps, giving you the freedom to develop your vision and grow your business!

After you complete our online application form, a member of our expert white label team will contact you and arrange a meeting over the phone. This is not only to gain a better understanding of the business but get to know you too.

If it is your 1st time selling CBD, we completely understand if you’re not too sure which products you would like to sell. That is why we offer samples of all of our products.

With various oils, capsules, vapes, dabs and topicals available it has never been easier to create your own brand! If we do not currently manufacture a product you are looking to sell, we can create custom products just for you. We manufacture all products in our ISO 90001 accredited lab.

We can also assist you with any design work and packaging needed, whether it be designing your brand from nothing, to just simply printing labels. We will then guide you through the packaging and compliance process.

 Helping make sure your products are ready for market. We can walk you through the costs and help you strategically price your products for your specific market.

If you would like more information or would like to create your own brand through us, fill in our White Label contact form here.

To help you get started, we have an incredible introductory offer, for only £420+VAT INCLUDING your design and labels, ready to hit the shelf!

– 10 x 10% Full OR Broad spectrum oil
– 10 x 150mg Vegan hemp gummies
– 10 x Hemp muscle rub
– 10 x 350mg Capsules
– Brand design
– Labels

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