Why can’t we offer PayPal as a method of payment?

For many people, PayPal is their preferred payment method of choice when it comes to online transactions. For most purchases, PayPal works perfectly fine! Unfortunately, not for CBD!

PayPal is governed by United Status laws, which classes hemp products as drugs. Even though, we all know that our product here at CBD Life UK are THC free (0.2% or less) and derived from industrial hemp, we still can’t use PayPal as payment method.

In the UK, CBD products are classed as food supplements so they’re completely legal to buy and sell. They are also legal to buy via PayPal England. However, PayPal itself is ruled by United States laws and restrictions.

CBD breaks the terms of US policy!

Despite this, we still ensure that we are providing excellent customer service despite this payment system being unavailable to us. If you usually use PayPal, we have a few alternative payment methods for you…

You can make your CBD Life payment via the website using a credit or debit card, you can pay by direct bank transfer, or using BitCoin.

For bank transfers just simply give us a message and we’ll provide you with the details.

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