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On the current market, available CBD oils are usually made from whole plant extracts. In these extracts there is a higher number of THC and other components such as terpenes, which then have to be separated. Most of the time manufacturers just mix this extract with hemp oil and sell it. We didn’t want to use such approach regarding our products.

CBD extract used in CBLife UK™ products is extracted from the buds of industrial hemp and thanks to unique extraction methods our products contain low levels of THC. We tried to push our concept even further towards customers. We have spent huge amount of time talking to them, listening to their needs and wishes.

CBLife UK™ uses many years of experience and brings to the market product lines, that are carefully designed to target specific difficulties. Our customers can therefore easily choose the most suitable product for them.

The CBLifeUK™ brand has a long history in hemp industrialisation. It was one of the first hemp cosmetics brand to enter pharmacies on a large scale and to this date dominates the market.

People behind the success of the company started to focus on researching cannabidiol (CBD) a couple of years ago when not so many of us knew what CBD means. After a long and complicated research on which they corroborated with some of the best scientists in the field, they came up with a unique method of pure CBD extraction.

Unlike other brands, the CBLife UK™ portfolio is unique. CBLife UK™ is thus 100% legal and certified for the EU/EEA market.

We use cannabis sativa flower extract – extract from the buds or flowers if you like. Buds are rich for CBD and have very low to none levels of other unwelcome components. To make the final extract we use a unique method of THC separation – a method that has been ‘tuned’ for many years now – resulting into an extract with low-level THC. This final product is not considered a chemical compound, contains low-level THC and is thus legal to sell and use.

We’ve taken this extract and used it as a main part of our products, each carefully designed to target specific difficulties.

More information on each and every one of our products may be found HERE.

We take pride in the fact and are not afraid of any third party testing.

There are many producers on the market – some say they use the FEHO (full extract hemp oil). Such an extract is made from the whole plant and contains all good and bad stuff – from various levels of THC to terpenes and sometimes even herbicides, if the original plant was not BIO grown. It depends on the quality of the producer. We maintain low-level of THC, right under 0.2% which is the legal limit.

CBLife UK™ products are tested throughout the production process and then again before they leave our production facility. Because we maintain high standards and take pride in the fact, we are not afraid of any third party testing.

CBLife UK™ products do not contain any added artificial flavours or colourants, but only natural carriers of the active ingredient and organic essential oils for natural flavouring targeted effect and maximal positive feeling.

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