Why should I use CBD?

At CBD Life UK, we sell CBD on a food supplement basis only and we cannot advise medically. Yet, we are often asked which of our products are best suited to specific conditions. Sorry, we can’t help you there. We promote the use of CBD to help support and maintain great health.

In addition to this, another famous query is: “But, I’m healthy, why do I need to take CBD?”

Well, let us let you in to a little secret…

You don’t have to have anything ‘wrong’ with you to get on the CBD train. It’s for everyone and it deserves a place among your daily supplements. Even if you are the fittest person around, CBD can improve your overall health.

The natural plant proteins and essential healthy fatty acids benefit you in general. Regardless of your age, CBD has dozens of wellness benefits. Many of us realise the important of “balance” in our daily lives. Balancing work and play is a critical part of our physical and mental health. Using CBD as a daily supplement is a great way to support your bodies Endocannabinoid system and keep it in balance so why not use it as a preventative!

CBD provides a source of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids like Omega-3, protein and it’s organically grown too. It’s such a unique nutritional content-why wouldn’t you want to take it?

Many of us every single day, take for granted that we are all here, and alive. It’s a blessing! And often enough too, we forget how important it is to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically-for if you don’t have your health…what have you got?

Staying healthy and happy for most of, if not all our lives is something we all want. By adding CBD into our daily routines, we can ensure that our Endocannabinoid system is working at it’s best to regulate all bodily functions. There is hardly any physiological process that is not affected by our EC system to some degree.

Maintaining good health is vital as everything else in your life stems from this. More than ever before, people are choosing to take CBD as a daily supplement and you should too.

Our brains are the most complex, amazing, and important organs in our bodies. More powerful than we could ever imagine, in fact! Our health AND our happiness depends on what is going on up there and from this, our brain sends signals to every other organ to complete different processes!

Overall, the ECS is a relatively new discovered regulatory physiological system, which holds great promise for improvements in human quality of life. Cannabis is actually a very powerful medicinal plant that has been used for its health benefits for centuries, and its many long-overlooked powers are finally coming into focus.

The way we extract CBD allows us to pull all of the natural and beneficial nutrients out of the cannabis plant without getting anything nasty in there as well. Not only are you NOT getting high, but you are getting a product from us that’s natural and safe.

If you want to use CBD products, you don’t have to worry that you will be high. I repeat, you will NOT get ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ using our products here at CBD Life UK and it is TOTALLY legal.

Hemp was one of the most widely grown crops up until the worldwide ban on cannabis kicked in about 100 years ago. It was part of everyone’s diet! People often overlook the fact that it is an important element in human and animal nutrition due to irrational fear and the drugs policies since the ban. When, in fact, it’s one of the most beneficial plants out there.

A fear of cannabis has come about because of its properties of being a drug that can make you ‘high’. However, CBD is non-psychoactive, so your child will categorically not get high from using it. CBD Life UK products are oil extracted and prove to have no negative effects at all. In fact, many people report amazing improvements to their general health both mentally and physically after using.